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The Human capital relates to the application of a people-centric approach considering the diversity of human experiences to create a culture of inclusivity and balance.

Why do we pursue personal empowerment? 

Empowered individuals tend to be more proactive, collaborative and productive members of society and employees and we can contribute to this as a Master Developer.

We invest in learning and training opportunities for our employees to ensure they feel empowered and proud to be working for Urban&Civic in the long term, reinforcing our business longevity and resilience. 

We also aim to create distinctive spaces that enhance physical and mental health to improve quality of life and cultivate successful communities. Health and wellbeing is one of the three universal challenges that we believe every development must respond effectively to in order to be sustainable and successful. 

What is the journey? 

To achieve this objective, we have identified three action areas to provide a strategic focus for our efforts and commitments. First, we will nurture health and wellbeing on all our developments through physical activity, local air quality, healthy diets and mental health support for example. 

Second, we will protect the health and safety of our employees and all those associated with Urban&Civic such as our contractor and housebuilder partners. Third, we will invest in the development of our people, encouraging personal empowerment and stimulating growth in learning through meaningful 360-degree feedback and formal and informal on-the-job training. 

Health and wellbeing

We seek to deliver development sites which promote physical activity, active living and good mental and physical health, all of which are central to the idea of cultivating human capital. We will also seek to develop bespoke wellbeing strategies for each site, responding to specific context and needs, and expanding on opportunities around physical and mental health. Likewise, we will continue working with our housebuilder partners to promote the evaluation and improvement of environmental conditions in dwellings.


2025 target: 

  • All our sites with over 200 homes occupied have a robust biannual survey in place which records residents’ sense of quality of life and health and wellbeing.


During 2020/21, we partnered with the Quality of Life Foundation to develop, promote and deliver a robust survey as a pilot at three out of our four strategic land sites. The survey will now be implemented on other sites going forward. 

Action Area 1 Health and wellbeing- Quality of life

Graph showing percentage of sites on which a health and wellbeing survey was circulated in 2020/21 as part of a pilot scheme.

Improving health and safety

Nothing is more important than keeping our employees, contractors, residents and visitors safe, and meeting the highest health and safety standards is essential to the continued success of our business and the communities we are developing. At the same time, health and wellbeing is one of the three universal challenges that we believe must be addressed through sustainable development. We are committed to the concept of a “safety culture” which we believe to be the cornerstone of safe and sustainable development.


2025 target: 

  • Across all our sites, a maximum of two safety logs per dwelling delivered are recorded for each housebuilder.


In 2020/21, the average number of safety logs recorded per dwellings delivered exceeded our target. Despite high performance on the part of many of our homebuilders, 82% did not meet the target and as such we continue to recognise the breadth of the challenge to meet the 2025 target.

Improving health and safety during housebuilder activities

Graph showing average number of safety logs recorded for dwellings delivered in 2020/21

Commitment to lifelong learning

Investing in colleagues’ ongoing professional development is key to ensuring they feel valued, challenged and motivated to do their best work. We recruit, train and develop people for the long term, and the Company places strong emphasis on lifelong learning. We believe that everybody should pursue the improvement of knowledge, skills and competencies, and that this in turn enhances personal growth, self-sustainability and business performance.


2025 target: 

  • All employees undertake at least ten hours of non-mandatory Company provided or sponsored learning, training or professional study per year. 


Although only 54% of employees completed at least 10 hours of non-mandatory learning in 2020/21, when accounting for all courses including mandatory training, the figure rose to 91%. We will continue to encourage our employees to engage in diverse and business benefiting non-mandatory learning as we progress towards our 2025 target.

Commitment to lifelong learning- Learning and development of our people

Graph showing the percentage of staff undertaking a minimum of ten hours non-mandatory training courses during the 2020/21 period

Case studies

Local community discovers Wintringham’s past

Urban&Civic teamed up with Oxford Archaeology East and St Neots Museum to help residents and local communities discover what life would have been like for our ancient ancestors living in the area during the Iron Age and early Roman period.

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Alconbury Weald residents embrace new activities

Alconbury Weald has been designed with health and wellbeing at its core. It is also part of the Living Sport’s Active New Communities initiative, which encourages people to make positive choices and take up sports and activities as they settle into their new home.

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Empowering our people to cut greenhouse gas emissions

As part of our ongoing commitment to educating on carbon, we have engaged Groundwork to deliver carbon literacy training to our colleagues and have an ambition to provide this accredited learning to at least 80 per cent of our employees by June 2022.

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Walking groups

Urban & Civic in partnership with Sustrans have been organising weekly led walks through Middlebeck, Newark with the aim of encouraging an active lifestyle. Our Community Engagement Officer wanted the walks to be a fun and sociable activity for people who want reap the benefits of exercise. 

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Community Use Agreement

Our approach specified that five years on from the opening of the school, the mix of use would be one third reserved for the Houlton Community, one third reserved for external organisations to provide activity to the Houlton Community, with the final third is for commercial organisations outside of Houlton who may wish to use the space.

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Inspirational play spaces encourage children to explore

Alconbury Weald has a fantastic array of play areas, inspired by the site’s heritage and natural environment, and designed to encourage children to explore, be active and let their imagination run wild.

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