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Governance statement

The Board is committed to upholding high standards of corporate governance.

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Board structure and responsibilities

There is a division of responsibilities of the Board and its committees and of the Chairman, Senior Independent Director and executive management.

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Risk management

The Board continues to have ultimate responsibility for risk management and internal control.

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Nomination and Governance Committee

The Nomination and Governance Committee reviews the structure, size and composition (including the balance of skills, knowledge and experience) of the Board and its committees, and reviews succession planning for the Board.

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee considers the appointment and fees of the external auditor and discusses the scope of the audit and its findings. The Committee is also responsible for monitoring compliance with accounting and legal requirements and for reviewing the annual and interim financial statements.

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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee considers and approves the remuneration and benefits of the Directors of the Company and reviews the ongoing appropriateness of the remuneration policy.

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