We deliver places, environments and outcomes of which we are proud

For a Master Developer, great design is far more than just built form. It’s about crafting exceptional places that people enjoy living and working in. Phase by phase, our design codes weave together landscape, connectivity, community, commercial and residential to create tone, texture and character. Rather than being set in stone from the outset, like a pattern book for cookie cutter homogeneity, phase by phase these documents evolve as we move through the development incorporating ongoing engagement, lessons learnt and changing standards.

The Master Developer Approach:


Focus on design principles at the outline stage and bring forward detailed design codes for each Key Phase.


Lead by example with demonstrable early statements of intent.


Incorporate design code requirements into the land contracts with our customers.


Provide expertise, encouragement and if necessary contractual enforcement to ensure everyone meets the design code requirements. Repeat business is also key.


Celebrate great design, learn lessons, refine and repeat.


Delivering quality requires partnership

The planning system can only do so much. Delivering on great design also requires an alignment of interests and a fundamental pride in the places being created. As Master Developer we want to see a design led approach from all involved as we progress from the first tree planted to the last roof tile laid. This is often a 15 to 20 year period so we seek to sit alongside the local planning authority with a shared focus on great design. Whilst we bring forward the site wide green, grey and community infrastructure ourselves, we also contract with housebuilders, businesses and public authorities for the delivery of serviced parcels. This provides us with a range of mechanisms we can use to help the local planning authority meet their design ambitions.

Ongoing engagement with residents and businesses is essential for future phases. Design codes are our way of capturing innovation and quality and setting out the standards for a scheme that we want everyone, including ourselves, to meet.

Paul Cutler -