About us

We were founded on the dual belief that it was impractical to meet housing requirements without an increased contribution from large sites and that it was possible to deliver high quality, locally endorsed and sustainable large sites. From private equity backed start up, to public company and now wholly owned by the Wellcome Trust, over the last 13 years, our business has delivered on this belief and become trusted as the leading Master Developer of large-scale Strategic Sites.


At a glance

We are the UK’s leading Master Developer having been specifically created 13 years ago to disrupt the established approach to the promotion and delivery of large scale residential led Strategic Sites. Now owned by the Wellcome Trust we are committed to delivering on our purpose, vision and values and achieving our strategic objectives.

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Our business model

We have established a fully scalable business model which is built around large site delivery.

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Strategic objectives

As our portfolio grows we continue to follow our established strategy with its emphasis on scale, pace, quality and sustainability.

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Serviced land

Serviced land is our product. We convert large blocks of unconsented raw land for which there is an extremely limited market into oven ready parcels of fully serviced land for which there is both a mature and growing market.

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Board and Leadership

It is through our people that we deliver, build and grow. Throughout our business we have significant in-house expertise across site assembly, planning, project management, delivery, community engagement and sales.

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From our earliest days, Urban&Civic has always sought to do things right. Today, as the leading Master Developer of large-scale strategic sites, we are proud of the sustainable communities that are taking shape, the quality of placemaking that has been delivered and the challenges that have been overcome through shared innovation and passion.

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The Master Developer product

Urban&Civic was established for the very purpose of challenging the standard approaches to large-scale housing delivery. To learn more about how we do it...

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