Empowering our people to cut greenhouse gas emissions


Carbon literacy is an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and
impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to
reduce emissions.

As part of our ongoing commitment to educating on carbon, we
have engaged Groundwork to deliver carbon literacy training to
our colleagues and have an ambition to provide this accredited
learning to at least 80 per cent of our employees by June 2022.

Sessions typically inform and inspire audiences to act right now to
reduce their carbon emissions, but also to begin to plan and take
much longer-term action towards a zero-carbon society.

According to The Carbon Literacy Project, carbon-literate citizens
understand how climate change will affect them – both
geographically and sectorally – and have acquired the knowledge
and skills to lower their carbon footprint, with typical realised
carbon savings of 5–15 per cent per person.