As the number of projects under our stewardship continues to expand, we have formalised our approach to sustainability. Every year, our intention is to drive ambition and ensure consistency across our operations. We are committed to building modern communities whilst minimising our carbon impact, enhancing biodiversity and facilitating health and wellbeing across all our sites. We also endeavour to foster sustainable local employment and business opportunities in the areas where we operate.

Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework formalises our commitment to sustainable business practices and continuous environmental and social improvements across our portfolio. It provides a set of minimum standards across the whole of Urban&Civic and sets out our long term ambition to achieve sustainable excellence. 

An initial five-year horizon with targets in 2025 has been set for the strategic formalised evaluation of our performance. 

The Framework is a living document which works to support our longer-term needs and drivers of national significance so is likely to change and be updated over time. The latest version of our Sustainability Framework can be downloaded here. 



Universal Challenges

It is our firm belief that to be successful and sustainable, development must respond effectively to three universal considerations. These are international challenges, and we are determined to address them as Master Developer of the built environment. 

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out a clear and ambitious framework for progress towards a more sustainable world. We are cognisant that, as part of the business community, we have a role in tackling these global challenges. We believe we can have the most significant positive impact on the nine SDGs shown below, and that is where we have decided to focus our efforts through our sustainability framework.


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Sustainability capitals

Our Sustainability Framework is structured around five “capitals” that we have identified as the key opportunity areas where we believe our business intersects most keenly with society and can have the most significant potential to make a positive difference. The Five Capitals Model promotes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to sustainability. The capitals have been developed following deep analysis of our core business values and risks, and a review of our engagement with key stakeholders and approach to community engagement. 

Each capital sets a primary objective relevant to our business beneath which sits three specific action areas. The action areas represent both opportunities and challenges for Urban&Civic and are supported with  detailed performance targets to enable ongoing measurement, reporting and continuous improvement. 



Net zero

Action areas

  • Carbon footprint
  • Resilience
  • Connectivity
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Inclusive prosperity

Action areas

  • Good quality employment
  • Economic inclusion
  • Promotion of local economic growth
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net gain

Action areas

  • Developed landscaping
  • Enhanced biodiversity
  • Resource efficiency
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Personal empowerment

Action areas

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Improved health and safety 
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
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Urban&Civic’s performance against each capital and action area can be viewed in our 2022 Annual Report available below.

Sustainability - Annual report 2022