Serviced land

We de-risk land and planning for the housebuilders.

Urban&Civic converts large blocks of unconsented raw land for which there is an extremely limited market into oven ready parcels of fully serviced land for which there is both a mature and growing market.

We de-risk land acquisition and planning, deliver a highly sustainable green and grey infrastructure framework, take responsibility for community facilities, community relationships and placemaking and thereby create a serviced land product in prime locations which allows housebuilders to do what they do best but even better and faster.

The predominance of our serviced land contracts establish a low upfront capital option for housebuilders whilst allowing Urban&Civic to share in the proceeds of every home sold as well as guaranteeing us an established forward income stream. This structure is attractive to all sizes of housebuilder as well as new types of housing delivery vehicles entering the market.

All housebuilders on Urban&Civic serviced parcels also benefit from highly professional and impartial site management and security, established and innovative jobs and skills programmes, meaningful community engagement opportunities, site-wide marketing and a consistent and repeatable contractual offer across all Urban&Civic sites.



Raw land    

Urban&Civic acquires large blocks of land acquired directly or through partnerships



Urban&Civic obtains consent for a flexible and innovative planning structure working with the local community

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Green infrastructure

Urban&Civic delivers significant and sustainable green infrastructure upfront

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Grey infrastructure

Urban&Civic sources all necessary utilities to the site and delivers the core framework of pipes, wires, roads, cycle lanes and pathways


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Community infrastructure

Urban&Civic establishes quality and a strong community via the delivery of schools, cafés, playgrounds and multi-use buildings as well as having on-site representation, hosting community events and jobs and skills programmes


On parcel:

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Consistent contractual terms
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Full utility provision
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Design code
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Oven ready land quality
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Health & safety framework


Off parcel:

Site wide quality

Established green infrastructure 

Site wide placemaking and marketing

Discharge of site wide S.106 obligations

Design and project management assistance

Established planning framework

Jobs and skills programmes

Further serviced parcels available

De-risked and ready to go

Serviced land

Our customers are a range of national and SME housebuilders, who are often present on more than one of our sites, and we are exploring new and innovative approaches with emerging providers.


Our customers

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