Inspirational play spaces encourage children to explore


Alconbury Weald has a fantastic array of play areas, inspired by the site’s heritage and natural environment, and designed to encourage children to explore, be active and let their imagination run wild.

The bespoke play equipment featured in each of the parks is inspired by the development’s natural assets and heritage.

  • Somning Park has an adventure playground set within a naturalistic landscape to encourage children to get out and discover nature. As well as scaling the climbing frame, relaxing in the hammock and exploring the tepee dens, the open lawn provides the perfect space for a kickabout.
  • Scots Pine Way has with many of the trees translocated from elsewhere on the site, children can play on mounds, logs and boulders and find a pinecone!
  • Garland Park runs the length of a former taxiway and the play equipment is intended for the young at heart, with plenty to do for all ages. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and rest, while children can play in the sand, clamber along the stumps and boulders and even play a game of table tennis.
  • Swynford Park has something for everyone in this community-focused parkland with access to allotments, skate park, play equipment and the multi-use games area (MUGA). Whether you want to slide, skate, swing, grow, relax or play – Swynford Park has it all!
  • Hallowes Brook has a themed play area designed to give children the opportunity to experience life on the riverbed.