Sustainability capitals

Our Sustainability Framework is structured around five “capitals” that we have identified as the key opportunity areas where we believe our business intersects most keenly with society and can have the most significant potential to make a positive difference. Each capital sets a primary objective relevant to our business beneath which sits three specific action areas. 

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The Physical capital relates to the community and commercial buildings as well as green, grey and blue infrastructure that we retain and manage.

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The Social capital relates to the networks of relationships amongst people and the role of placemaking in the integration of our communities.

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The Economic capital relates to the long-term viability of our organisation and the Strategic Sites we retain and operate.

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The Natural capital relates to the protection and enhancement of the environment, both within the local context and through contributing to wider climate and biodiversity challenges.

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The Human capital relates to the application of a people-centric approach considering the diversity of human experiences to create a culture of inclusivity and balance.

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