Our stakeholders

Continued growth through a shared commitment to quality and community.

The long-term success of our business remains, as ever, critically dependent on the way we work with a wide range of stakeholders. Since we were founded, through our life as a public company and today as part of the Wellcome Trust, we have always believed in doing things right and creating value for our stakeholders, not only in the way we do business but in the places we craft.

2020 and 2021 were a real test for many businesses with the pandemic creating heretofore unforeseen impacts. We are proud of the way that our team faced these challenges. The business has strengthened both internal and external relationships and as people have increasingly focused on their local areas, the logic for large scale Strategic Sites, providing high quality places to live and work flexibly with great landscape, schools and facilities, has become even more compelling and widely accepted.

Working with the Wellcome Trust team has also provided us with an insight into the importance of Wellcome Trust’s mission and the activities it undertakes both here in the UK and around the world.

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Our stakeholders