Getting to know your neighbours, past and present, by supporting the Farmland Museum


Urban&Civic’s Waterbeach team recently helped support the Farmland Museum’s exhibition which was on display within Denny Abbey, just north of the Waterbeach development, which formed part of their Autumn programme to bring visitors into the important heritage attraction.

The exhibition, which ran until the end of October, set out the evidence found of an extensive farming landscape spanning the Iron Age and Roman periods, including the remains of roundhouses, a barn for storing animals or grain and a corn drier or oven, as well as enclosures and a watering hole for livestock.

The finds on display provide a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Waterbeach's ancient inhabitants, including personal items such as glass beads and a bone hair pin, and fragments of tableware and glassware used to serve diners.

We’re really happy to help support the exhibition at The Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey for the second year running. Last year’s event was very popular, and we received a lot of positive feedback from members of the local community asking for a follow up. Uncovering our site’s archaeological history has been a key element of the early stages of this development and the discoveries have helped to ensure that we are honouring that heritage as we continue to progress our work here.”

Bruce Callander
Communities, Communications and Partnerships, U&C