Community and heritage at the heart of a new place


The strong community and heritage focus at Waterbeach continued in July with the Waterbeach Feast and the reunion of 514 Squadron at the former Barracks and Airfield.
The Feast which is now in its 129th year, was hosted by Waterbeach PTA and was attended by thousands of visitors from across Waterbeach and the surrounding area.

The event featured fairground rides, a parade through the village and a range of food and drink stalls and other amenities. Urban&Civic, with the help of the team from JJM, supported the Feast by providing a financial contribution and all the tables and chairs for attendees and stalls, as well as taking photos for the event.

In the same month, the Barracks also hosted the annual 514 Squadron reunion which was attended by over 50 families of veterans, including the one surviving veteran who served here during WWII, Eddie Humes.

The event started with a service at the Church of St John, Waterbeach before guests moved up the recently refurbished Studio on site for lunch. They were then treated to an RAF flypast with a Hurricane flying three laps over the Studio and Sports hall area before boarding a coach, provided by local firm Dews Coaches, to take the veterans and their families to the Memorial Garden on site.

We were delighted with the turnout for the event, particularly after a challenging few years over the pandemic and it was wonderful to get everyone back to Waterbeach and to a site that holds so many memories for so many people.”

Clive Hill
Chair of the 514 Squadron Association