Our partners include local authorities, landed estates, Government bodies,
Homes England and investment funds.

Why are they important?

Working with the right partners which value quality and legacy is critical to
establishing the alignment which underpins the promotion and delivery of
large scale sites.

What do they want from us?
  • Transparency 
  • Timely and accurate reporting 
  • Cost control and effiicient budgeting
  • Delivery
  • Quality and sustainability 
  • Legacy 
  • Recognition 
When do we engage with partners?

We have both structured and informal engagement with our partners during
the year. Each partnership has a formal reporting mechanism with regular
meetings to review progress, discuss options and agree strategy. These are
then supplemented with informal updates, site visits and opportunities to
share observed best practice. The Board is able to track the progress of
these partnerships via our strong linear development and risk reporting.

How we engaged in the year

The ability to return to in person meetings alongside continued virtual
engagement has further strengthened existing relationships and enabled
new partnerships to be forged. A number of site visits have taken place
in parallel with partnership board meetings which has allowed everyone to
see the extent of delivery achieved during both 2020 and 2021. For those
projects at the planning stage, there has also been extensive progress and
engagement with stakeholders to report. Regular and consistent reporting
for our partnerships underpins our approach and we have incorporated
this experience into the structures that have been negotiated for our latest
partnership with Hertfordshire County Council at Baldock.


Partners have been reassured that the acquisition of Urban&Civic by
the Wellcome Trust has further strengthened our focus and capabilities.
The extent and quality of delivery continues to generate considerable
shared pride in what the partnership is achieving today and the legacy
that will be created by doing things right.

Who are they?

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