We aim to maintain an open, diverse and inclusive working environment and encourage strong links between the workforce, management and the Board.

Why are they imporant?

It is essential for the growth of our business to support and develop all of our employees, to retain experience and broaden our base with new talent.

What do they want from us?
  • Fair comensation and benefits
  • Comprehensive reward and recognition systems
  • Positive work environment, culture and working relationships


  • Clear expectations, goals and feedback
  • Learning, development and career progression
  • Challenging and engaging work
  • Positive work-life balance
When do we engage with employees ?

Employee engagement is continuous and operates at all levels throughout the business. Formal structures such as teh appraisal process and the Employee Advisory Group (EAG) complement staff surveys and regular corporate briefings as well as discussions within teams, across projects with their senior executives.

How we engaged in the year

This year has seen an investment in technology to further improve engagement across the business. We have expanded our intranet and introduced a digital HR portal to provide a single point for employee information and appraisals. All staff briefings take place via Teams every fortnight and we are able to hold our away day in person at the Houlton shool. We have also issued an online survey to supplement the extensive feedback from the EAG which continues to meet five times during the year with attendance by the Managing Director for part of the meeting and the minutes made available to all as well as being an EMC and Board standing agenda item.


In our recent Employee Survey, which has been named the Bugill and for which we had a 93 per cent engagement score confirming Urban&Civic "has a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all employees to give their best each day, to be committed to their organistation's goals and values, be motivated to contribute to organistation successand have an enhanced sense of wellbeing".

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