We work with a range of national and SME housebuilders and housing associations to bring forward high quality homes across our sites as well as exploring new and innovative approaches with emerging providers and investors.

Why are they important?

As a leading Master Developer, whose product is serviced land, understanding and delivering on the needs of our customers is key to ensuring value and repeat business and attracting new customers.

What do they want from us?
  • Integrity
  • Serviced land supply
  • Quality
  • Site marketing
  • Jobs and skills support
  • Health and safety support
  • Equality
  • Sustainable place making
When do we engage with customers?

We are constantly engaging with our exisiting customers in the context of ongoing delivery and with potential customers for the future paroels to ensure that our product is optimised to meet their requirements.

How we engaged in the year

With the increasing maturity and diversity of our sites we are also seeing and increase in the size and type of our customers. This has included new SME housebuilders such as Stonebond, and Built to Rent via the strategic partnership with Goldman Sachs. as well as large scale housebuilders such as Barratt operating over multiple sites alongside bespke care home provision coming forward at Priors Hall. Health and safety remains a key point of engagement thorughout their delivery process with regular workshops and safety updates. We are also working with our customers to highlight our approach to ESG and pushing sustainable development as a key focus for us going forward as well as leveraging their involvement into a range of community activities.


We have completed 11 parcel contracts this year to 10 housebuilders. Sales levels have remained strong throughout the year and Davidsons at Houlton as rated the best Build to Sell housing development in the country by HomeViews users.

Who are they?

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