We work with the Government, its agencies like Homes England and local
authorities to deliver more quality homes in highly sustainable environments.

Why are they important?

Working at scale means that the proposals we bring forward will have a
material impact on the delivery targets of central and local Government as well as the consequential requirements of a range of statutory bodies
across topics such as schools, highways and health.

What do they want from us?
  • Leadership and sustainable
  • Quality
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Long-term alignment
  • Jobs and skills
  • Meaningful community engagement
When do we engage with Government?

In addition to the formal planning processes, as the leading Master
Developer, we actively engage with national and local Government
and wider Government agencies to identify ways in which the planning
and delivery of large scale development can be improved.

How we engaged in the year

We have hosted a significant number of site tours for local and central
Government representatives as we have emerged from lockdown. People
have been very keen to see the extent of delivery that has taken place
during the year and also to understand what has strengthened these new
communities during that time. There are significant changes coming
through the legislative agenda including biodiversity net gain, climate
change mitigation and net zero climate change resilience not to mention
wider reforms to the planning system. Seeing is believing and site tours,
alongside well illustrated presentations, help us explain the role of large
sites and what we are already doing to improve their delivery.


Homes England has remained strongly supportive of the approach we have
taken and the way in which we have used its infrastructure loan funding to
deliver places of real quality. Peter Denton, the new Chief Executive of
Homes England, when commenting on the Government’s recent pledge
of £624 million in infrastructure loan funding for housing, stated: “This new
infrastructure funding will be a powerful catalyst for creating new homes,
places and communities. It gives us the resources we need to back more
developments like Houlton in Rugby, where a £35 million funding injection
has helped to create new primary and secondary schools, a link road to
Rugby town centre, and wider infrastructure needed to build a community
of up to 6,200 homes.”

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