Suppliers & contractors

We work with  broad spectrum of contractors, consultants and utility providers at various stages of the Master Developer process.

Why are they important?

Working at scale and to a consistently high quality across a range of sites means that we value the flexibility and innovation that comes from being a trusted client of our principal contractors, consultants and utility companies.

What do they want from us?
  • Certainty of payment
  • Regularity of work
  • Flexible procurement
  • Clear instruction
When do we engage with suppliers and contractors?

We are constantly engaging with our existing suppliers whcih are often operating across a number of sites. Regular dialogue ensures that they are fully apprised of project and corporate objectives including health and saftey, modern slavery and sustainability. We also work with them on joint initiatives where we can leverage our combined involvement to promote employment and training opportunities.

How we engaged in the year

Close working relationships significantly supported our ability to continue delivery across our sites in 2021 and this was a key focus for the Board. As with our housebuilding customers, civils contractors were supported as they evolved their working practices to address ongoing pandemic restrictions. Works were continued and payments maintained. Working
with our service suppliers we also supported each other’s internal training
programmes with virtual talks and presentations and have been looking
specifically at sustainable supply chain opportunities.


In 2020, all construction work re-opened on site, complying with
Government protocols, within seven weeks of the original lockdown being
declared. Throughout this period the contractor teams worked tirelessly
with Urban&Civic to better understand what could be achieved to maintain
some form of productivity on site. Whilst 87 per cent of our projects notified
us of potential delay during the period, we are now able to confirm that only
17 per cent were actually delivered late and only 4 per cent were delivered
more than six weeks later than originally contracted to do so. This strong
relationship has continued into 2021 with significant projects such as the
Houlton School opening on time and on budget in September 2021.

Who are they?

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