Remuneration Committee



We are committed to retaining a well-motivated team of employees and, in reviewing our reward framework, we undertake to ensure that Urban&Civic is a company that seeks to attract and retain high calibre individuals.”

Chair of the Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee considers and approves the remuneration and benefits of the Directors of the Company and reviews the ongoing appropriateness of the remuneration policy.

The Committee comprises:

CommitteeMember - June Barnes.jpg
June Barnes (Chair)
CommitteeMember - Ian Barlow.jpg
Ian Barlow
CommitteeMember - Rosemary Boot.jpg
Rosemary Boot
CommitteeMember - Sanjeev Sharma.jpg
Sanjeev Sharma
CommitteeMember - Jon Di-Stefano.jpg
Jon Di Stefano