Governance statement

Following recent completion of the acquisition of Urban&Civic by Wellcome Trust, new board members and committee members are in the process of appointment, to include representatives of Wellcome Trust. The high standards of governance from which Urban&Civic has benefitted as a listed company will be maintained.



Our governance framework supports the integration of our purpose, vision and values throughout our business.

Alan Dickinson
Non-Executive Chairman

The Board is committed to upholding high standards of corporate governance. The high level of involvement of the Executive Directors in the day to day running of the Group's operations enables good governance principles and policies to be upheld throughout the Group. 

Communication with existing and potential shareholders is given a high priority and the Group undertakes a regular dialogue with its shareholders. 

Key activities of the Board in 2019/20
  • Appointment of a new Non-Executive Director
  • Management of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our activities
  • In-depth review of risk management particularly in light of the pandemic
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Development of succession plans for the Board and senior management
  • Development of a sustainability framework
  • Approval of the proposed new Directors’ remuneration policy
  • Development of our approach to monitoring culture
Key focus areas for 2020/21
  • Continue to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Group’s strategy and performance
  • Continued focus on risk management and internal controls
  • Ongoing review of refreshment of the Board
  • Further work on monitoring culture and embedding throughout the Group
  • Implementation of the Directors’ remuneration policy