Urban&Civic publishes Annual Report and Accounts for 2017


The Annual Report and Accounts for 2017 has been posted to Urban&Civic shareholders and is now available on our website which has been updated to coincide with publication.

As the Master Developer of strategic sites, backed by Government funding and with strong demand from our housebuilding customers, Urban&Civic are demonstrably shortening the period to first house completion and accelerating quality delivery thereafter.  The political mathematics are such that there is no realistic prospect of housing the fast growing population within 100 miles of London without an increased contribution from large sites. Urban&Civic has the experience and focus to meet this challenge head whilst ensuring quality and community are embedded within everything we do. 

As part of our continuing commitment to provide clear and transparent information about the way we run our business we have introduced new online features to our website, as well as opening up Corporate LinkedIn and Instagram platforms.

In commenting upon the new initiatives, David Wood, Group Finance Director of Urban&Civic, said;

“Through an increasing range of channels, we are aiming to provide all stakeholders with the tools to help understand who we are, what we do and the quality we deliver. If you can’t find what you need however, you only have to ask.”