Newsletters serve so many purposes at different stages of a communities development.  In the early days, they help us explain what’s going on with planning and start to build the identity and character of a new place as well as the team involved.  Once delivery commences, they describe the works that are happening and keep residents updated on construction activities, timings and any temporary road closures. As the community grows, they celebrate events on site, describe the landscape, ecology and heritage and provide updates on when local facilities such as schools, shops and community buildings will open.

Our Newsletters are read by those that live around a site, those that live and work on the site and by those that are thinking of moving to our sites.  When combined with our websites and social media updates, the newsletters are an essential part of our ongoing commitment to partnership, forming both a historical record of what’s been going on and a billboard for what’s coming forward in the future.

So take a moment to flick through the latest editions of:

Make|News (Alconbury)

The Wagtail (Wintringham)

The Houlton Signal

On Stream (Middlebeck)

The Waterbeach Barracks Newsletter