Victoria Parsons, a local artist whose artwork explores wildlife and nature, has been commissioned to capture the natural landscape and growing community at Houlton. The mixed medium painting will be displayed at Houlton’s Visitor Centre.

Victoria, who has lived in Kilsby for 40 years, accepted the brief after being part of an open call for artists launched by Urban&Civic in partnership with Rugby Museum and Art Gallery to produce the artwork.

The artistic process was captured via time-lapse to see how the piece was brought together and hopefully inspire others to pick up their pencils, brushes and pastels.

Following completion of the work, Victoria said: “I am thrilled to be partnering with Urban&Civic to capture the stunning scenery at Houlton. As a specialist in wildlife art, I truly believe we need nature for our physical and mental wellbeing; our connection to nature is as important as breathing.

I hope my painting inspires people to get outdoors and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the nature where they live. What’s more, I hope I’m able to do the residents of Houlton proud by capturing their home through this unique project.”

The initiative comes as part of Urban&Civic’s pledge to support local artists and homegrown talent throughout the area, while encouraging residents to explore the great outdoors on their doorstep and reconnect with nature. 

An outdoor exhibition at Houlton currently shows winning entries of a photography competition held in summer 2020. The images are mounted on sustainable wooden frames and will feature pieces from other local artists and residents in the months to come.