This week we celebrated national cycle week by doing Urban&Civic’s first live outside broadcast, for our regular all staff Teams call, from where the National Cycle Network Route 64 enters our site at Middlebeck in Newark.

Pushing the technological barriers further than we’ve done before, the 15-minute piece hosted by Kyle Smith from our Communications, Communities and Partnerships team explained how cycling is being promoted across all Urban&Civic sites in delivery. Kyle also interviewed Sim Duhra, who is on secondment to Urban&Civic from Sustrans, about the National Cycle Network and specific cycling and community initiatives that are coming forward at Middlebeck.

From cycle hire to cycle repair, and cycle shelters to cycle routes, cycling is an important part of placemaking and an essential element of the master plan for all of our new communities.  Establishing sustainable modes of travel early and making them as easy and accessible as possible is at the heart of the Master Developer approach which also helps promote health and wellbeing for active communities.

With birds tweeting and residents passing by on foot and by bike, Kyle and Sim couldn’t have found a better background to illustrate the importance of sustainable connections and support national cycle week. #7DaysOfCycling