Working to make our signage more sustainable


At Urban&Civic, sustainability is at the heart of what we do; not only in delivering exceptional new developments, but across the business as a whole.

For the Alconbury Weald comms team, this has involved a thorough review of signage and exhibition materials to ensure the reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. Key changes include:

  • Reducing laminating: although there are still occasions when we need to put weatherproof notices outside, we’re now printing on 200gsm paper (A4 and A3) and putting signs up in windows and noticeboards, which has significantly reduced the amount of laminating required.
  • Sustainable signage: for short term signage for events and notices, we’re using foamex. Although the base isn’t recyclable, we are now reusing the foamex by getting it reskinned with changing information/graphics.  For more permanent signage, we’re using DiBond, which is already 75% recycled, and when no longer required, our printer will collect it every six months and send it to a specialist recycler.
  • Pop up banners: we are reusing the base and poles and attaching new banners.

It’s amazing to see how much the development team has reused and recycled materials from the former airfield in the development of Alconbury Weald.  We can’t all do the big stuff, but can all make a contribution, and we wanted to do our bit to ensure our team is being as environmentally friendly and reducing waste as much as possible.

It’s been an interesting process and we’ve made some really positive first steps.  I’m sure there’s more we can do and we’ll continue to review our approaches and stay up to date with all the new, sustainable products coming onto the market.”

Natalie Leigh-Brown
Communities Lead at Alconbury Weald