Over the last year, there has been a surge of interest in nature and wildlife in the local area. To help explore the network of green corridors, pockets of woodlands, grassland and waterway at Alconbury Weald, naturalist and TV presenter Mike Dilger hosted a series of ‘Wild Weald’ events to introduce residents to the abundance of wildlife on their doorstep.

The local community was invited to a range of events including an early morning search for critters, pond dipping in Carnaile Pond, a butterfly and bug hut, and an evening bat walk.

Children and adults on the morning session were delighted to find a grass snake as well as moths of all shapes and sizes, whilst the pond dippers discovered an interesting selection of water stick insects, pond skaters and newts. The bats were more elusive, but a couple were spotted later in the evening.

Thanks to everyone who took part for putting the ‘wild’ into the Weald. Keen to see the wildlife thriving just beyond their doorstep, attendance was really impressive for every event, and I trust everyone from eight months to eighty years old went away having gained a deeper appreciation of the power of nature to excite and inspire. A special shout-out to all the younger nature detectives who came along and powered the whole weekend with their endless energy and enthusiasm!”