We developed a cycle tour app as part of the September consultation events and as an important statement of intent around supporting the development as a cycle-friendly place.

The app was developed to provide people the chance to navigate the site and learn about its history – with key “stops” for people to download additional information, images or listen to audio. It was also an investment in the future travel app which will be developed to help people get around the new development and connect them to the wider area, as connections are developed.

The travel app will provide up-to-date information for residents and visitors, promoting local bus, train and cycle opportunities, as well as car share and other schemes to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use more sustainable means to get around. 

“Cambridgeshire has among the highest levels of commuting to work by bicycle in the country and, with Cambridge just a few kilometres away across a flat landscape, promoting and encouraging cycling has been an important part of the development from day one. We have pool bikes for the team to use to get around the site and a number of cycle groups using the site on a regular basis. We are also looking to bring forward an early Park and Ride scheme, with specific cycle provision. This app is part of our early investment in what will become a tool to help people explore the site and the local area on their bikes.”

Rebecca Britton, Communications, Communities and Partnerships