Supporting vulnerable people in the community


Creating homes that people can live in throughout their life is very important and the Urban&Civic Waterbeach team has been providing financial support to a local scheme that aims to help older people stay in their homes for longer, accessing help and advice to keep them safe and well.

The Warden Scheme has been a lifeline during Covid, often providing the only contact older people had with the outside world for months. The warden provides company and support
to registered users, as well as carrying out a range of tasks to support them to be able to stay in their homes. This can range from form-filling and making appointments at the surgery to buying daily essentials and collecting prescriptions.

The warden is also able to signpost other help where it is needed, which has included things such as sourcing benefits and arranging for aids to make home living safer and easier. Because she gets to know her clients well and is in regular contact, she is aware when further support or intervention is needed and can make recommendations to prevent a crisis situation arising.