The five-year anniversary of St Gabriel’s School was marked by a memorable celebration that brought together the school community and notable individuals from education and development. The day started with student workshops, emphasizing creativity and collaboration. The highlight was an assembly led by the headteacher, Andy, featuring student-read poems and reflections on the school’s achievements and future. The Bishop of Coventry delivered an address, emphasizing the value of education and community. Church representatives and governors attended, symbolising the school’s strong relationships and collaborative support as well as those from Urban&Civic, pivotal in the school’s development, reaffirming their ongoing commitment.

Since opening in 2018, we have continually supported St Gabriel’s to actively cater to community demand. This includes building two additional classrooms in September 2021 and six more in 2023, reflecting the school’s commitment to growth and adaptation. The anniversary event highlighted the school’s dedication to fostering an enjoyable educational environment, preparing students for future citizenship, and maintaining partnerships that enhance learning experiences. Looking ahead, St Gabriel’s is set to continue evolving and enriching the educational landscape.