The Skate Park sits at the heart of the first Community Park at Alconbury Weald.

The facility was carefully designed to encourage and support a mid-range of skate skills, so that it could be enjoyed by all ages at any one time.

From its launch, the Community team have sought to build a positive skate culture around the park and so worked with local skater Jason Emery to set up Saturday morning skate lessons for the wider community, and specific taster sessions for the neighbouring school. The team also helped Jason through a local business development scheme to set up his own business – Let’s Go Skate – offering lessons and events across the local area.

The park now brings in skaters of all ages from across the local area, who like the safe environment and setting and has even hosted Skate Birthday Parties.

“It has been amazing how busy the Park has become and also the really positive culture of the skating community, where the experienced skaters help out the beginners and keep an eye out for each other. What’s great about the park is parents can sit nearby, get a coffee or refreshments from the shop and keep an eye on things, but give their children the space to express themselves too.”

Steph Burton, Community Development