Urban&Civic undertake a household survey on sufficiently mature sites in partnership with the Quality-of-Life Foundation once every two years to understand how residents feel about their environment and lifestyle. Following the publication of the results for Alconbury, Houlton and Priors Hall, our local teams have worked to analyze the findings and create a two-year action plan to improve the metrics. 

Themes within the survey include control, health and wellbeing, movement, and wonder. We have sought to understand what impact the decisions that we and other stakeholders made on place have on our residents and how we can better sequence our works, or work collaboratively with our community to foster community governance structures and elevate natural leadership.

The project teams participate in action planning to contribute to a more supportive and wholesome environment for activity and ensure that lessons are learned throughout the business. We are completing further Quality of Life surveys on Wintringham and Middlebeck this year which we will then develop action plans for in 2024. The surveys for Alconbury, Houlton and Priors Hall will be repeated in 2024 to monitor our progress as those developments have continued to come forward.