Urban&Civic has always invested in the early delivery of great quality play spaces, with bespoke play equipment inspired by each site’s unique heritage and natural environment, that set new standards in best practice.
The first residents moving to Waterbeach will be able to enjoy three unique and ambitious play spaces with will cater for all members of the new community:

  • Northern Gateway: set within a woodland glade and inspired by the lifecycle of trees, this play space will be arranged concentrically like the growth rings of a tree, creating a place to immerse yourself in nature and learn about the value safeguarding trees and woodlands have to our shared future.
  • Waterbeach Woods: inspired by the hedgehog, with a woodland setting providing the backdrop, this play space will take children from the forest floor and into the canopy through a series of play features that grow in scale and complexity to build confidence and fuel curiosity.
  • Waterbeach Gardens East: shaped around the concept of mind, body and community spirit, this space is designed to promote active lifestyles and nourish the soul.

Central to this vision is the notion of multi-generational and inclusive activity, which is facilitated by play equipment and features that focus on the development of different movement and sensory skills, becoming progressively more complex and engaging as you move through the space.