People of Houlton, we're more than just homes


The ‘People of Houlton’ initiative brings together 21 local community groups under a consortium to enhance collaboration and support among them. This network aims to leverage the collective knowledge, experience, and ideas of its members for community betterment. The consortium emerged from shared goals like fostering positive change, personal and communal growth, leadership, building support networks, creating lasting impact, and cultivating a sense of community.

At its launch, all groups participated, creating an energetic and open environment for exchanging ideas and tackling common challenges. The consortium plans quarterly meetings to provide updates, recognise community achievements, share group stories, offer specialised training, and address challenges confidentially. Additionally, there’s a digital platform for ongoing resource sharing, leader information, volunteer opportunities, training events, and coordinated community activities. In essence, ‘People of Houlton’ is about enhancing the community’s collective strength, welcoming new members, and ensuring that everyone’s contributions are recognised and valued for greater positive impact.