Officers and members of Hertfordshire County Council visit Houlton to see what’s in store for Baldock


We were selected to be the development partner of Hertfordshire County Council for their land at Baldock during the pandemic.  This meant that whilst we got to know each other virtually we had not had the opportunity to meet in person or show officers and members around one of our existing sites. Following selection and after having worked together for a number of months, we were therefore delighted to organised a visit to Houlton.  We often find that when discussing concepts and approaches to the delivery of large strategic sites, seeing them first hand really helps visualise both context and the opportunities and challenges of operating at scale. The Council team was led by the Leader and the deputy chief executive together with a number of members and senior officers. Not only was it nice to see each other in 3D but it proved to be an invaluable session to create a common frame of reference for future discussions and provide reassurance around the our shared commitment to create high quality sustainable communities.