Litter Pick’n’Pizza – motivating with Margherita.


Wintringham’s Project Management team hosted the first Wintringham Litter Pick’n’Pizza morning in November in an effort to raise awareness with Housebuilder and Contractor Stakeholders about their collective impact on the wider Wintringham development.

Whilst its not anyone’s intention to negatively impact the environment with waste it is an inevitable by-product of development as is  the number of vehicular movements to and from site to deliver materials.

All Housebuilders and Contractors are duty bound to have in place waste management strategies on their respective sites however it is the areas outside of their direct control which often get overlooked.

With over 74 bags of rubbish collected from across the site in return for 9 pizza’s and a few sides consumed this proved to be a highly productive initiative and moving forwards each housebuilder has committed to contribute resource on rotation every month with the goal being a cleaner, more environmentally friendly development for all to work and live on.