Listening to Stakeholders – Engagement in Action


“At Alconbury Weald we work hard to engage with a wide range of local stakeholders, including businesses, schools and education, health teams, local authorities, residents and local community groups. Throughout the year, our activities have ranged from holding careers fairs, connecting businesses and schools, site tours and regular updates for the local authorities (allowing for a joined up approach), an open air cinema screening which involved local artists, and seasonal community events, delivered in partnership with local sports projects, youth clubs and social enterprise groups. We have also engaged with cultural and religious groups and have arranged a Remembrance Service and carols around the Christmas tree. We encourage our residents to openly engage with us to ensure they have a say in the future plans for their community spaces. For example, we held a consultation event, where children were asked to draw pictures of what they would want to see in our next community building and how they would use the space. We welcome and enjoy this engagement, with residents of both Alconbury Weald and the wider community.”

Steph Burton, Community Development