Job Creation & Economic Growth – The Tuning Fork Café


Family partnership, Elaine, Iain and James Enticott are the driving force behind The Tuning Fork – Rugby’s newest eatery, which will be Houlton’s first local business and Dollman Farm’s anchor tenant.

Part of a successful catering family, Iain Enticott runs local catering company Chef ’s Kitchen, that has supplied all of our on-site catering needs from their base in Hillmorton. Their attention to quality and professionalism was evident from the outset.

Elaine and James have been involved in every aspect of the creation of The Tuning Fork as part of the new community hub, which includes our visitor centre and community space. Local produce and supply chain is also a key theme for Elaine and James. With great linkages to the local market, they are sourcing many of their ingredients locally and will sell locally made bread and jams in the café itself.

Starting up a business in a location where there is no existing footfall and where we are still some 12 months from having a real sense of community forming is clearly a challenge. De-risking the venture and delivering the upfront infrastructure is one way we have supported Elaine and James with The Tuning Fork. They have been able to concentrate on ensuring their product is of the highest quality whilst we have deployed our marketing expertise and on-site resource to leverage The Tuning Fork brand alongside our promotion of Houlton as a development.

The early years, as with all new business, will be a testing time but this is very much a joint venture with a shared sense of quality and place. We are confident that 2017 will see The Tuning Fork put Houlton on the map and vice versa.