Engaging with the community at Middlebeck


Public consultation ordinarily occurs as part of a mandate in planning and a physical in-person event might be considered by some to be unnecessary for a project that is already approved. We knew however that with the anticipation of the Southern Link Road in Newark, a project that has been on the political agenda for over three decades, it was right to offer the opportunity for residents of Newark to ask questions and seek information.

The event was hosted by the entire delivery team, which included local authority officers, contractors, our project management team and community team as well as our archaeology consultants. Before the session opened to the public, the  Newark Advertiser joined us to see round the event and write a full a story for the weekly paper. 

Over 400 local residents together with parish and district councillors attended to find out more about the road. Significant interest was shown in the wider Middlebeck masterplan, and the archeological discoveries made during phase one and phase two of the project delivery. 

The MP for Newark, Robert Jenrick, attended to see progress of the site, sharing the update on his social media channels shortly after his site tour and photo call for the local media. 

The engagement event was well organised and attended by members of the public and it proved very useful as we managed to speak to lots of residents throughout the day. It was incredible to see so many people attend the event and to even have queues at the doors! Residents relished the opportunity to speak to us face-to-face and find out more about the project which was welcomed by us.

Lynsey Preston, Planning Officer, Newark and Sherwood District Council