The remarkable World War II-era RAF Watch Office has been restored at Alconbury Weald. The Grade II listed building has been transformed into a library and heritage space for the community to use. Built in 1940-41, the Watch Office was the first permanent control tower at Alconbury. The Watch Office is an outstanding example of a standard type build for bomber satellite stations during the Second World War. Only 214 were built in the UK in total, with just a handful remaining. 

Taking almost one year to complete the Watch Office had to be restored with the original features retained or reinstated where possible, including external stairs, timber door sets, original walls and flooring, a roof access ladder and the roof balustrade, breathing new life into the period features. The result is an outstanding new heritage space to be enjoyed by many generations to come.

It has been an honour to work on a restoration project of such high historical significance. We are pleased that Urban&Civic has integrated this fine example of war-time architecture into the masterplan, ensuring it benefits the community by raising  awareness of the heritage of the site and providing new facilities. 

Nick Armour, Local Conservation Officer at Huntingdonshire District Council