When we took on the development in Corby, the biodiversity of the site had not been optimised, with some areas over-filled with material and others over-managed.

We are now implementing careful plans to restore natural habitats and encourage biodiversity. The site is home to Great Crested Newts, a protected species that we know and love from Rugby, along with many other species.

The site is varied, including ponds, woodland and grasslands, and is bisected by a country wildlife zone. Working with local wildlife groups including the Wildlife Trust we are collectively assessing how best to manage the site to promote biodiversity. This includes clearing trees that overcrowd ponds, removing invasive species, allowing grassland flowers to bloom and managing deer populations.

Biodiversity surveys help us monitor the wildlife on the site and ensure the habitats meet its needs. During these biodiversity surveys, we saw species of moth never recorded in the county before, along with bats and invertebrates.

Eventually the residents will become custodians of these wild areas, and just as we have done at Rugby, we want to raise their awareness of the wildlife on their doorstep. We have held Bioblitz events, community biodiversity surveys, to involve the local community while monitoring biodiversity. We are also holding presentations in the autumn to engage local people.