An adventure isn’t worth telling if there aren’t any dragons in it...


The Dragon Boat Race, organised by St Neots Town Council raises money for local charity Shining Stars. It attracts thousands of people every year to spectate along the banks of the picturesque Regatta Meadow and enjoy a family day out, many of whom were Wintringham residents and local partners we work with.

Our dragon boat team, The Wintringham Wagtails, aptly named after our St Neots mascot and hero species, the Wagtail bird, included colleagues from across Cambridgeshire projects - some with previous experience but for the majority it was a maiden voyage aboard a dragon boat. 

We may not have won this time, but what we took away from the experience was worth it’s weight in gold. Grit and determination were important but so was good communication, solid teamwork and commitment to the cause. Pulling together as a team to do something out of the ordinary was great for team building and the crew came away with a sense of pride and achievement to have represented Urban&Civic at this great event.”