Like any company, great employees hold the key to everything we do. Benchmarked salaries, goal-focused bonuses and incentive schemes, regular appraisals, training and professional development and internal promotion are all vital components of the way we attract and retain the best employees. 

Retention and training

We are proud of our high rates of employee retention. In 2017 we filled posts at Urban&Civic and Catesby with new colleagues, including Katie Yates, Lucy Smith, Olivia Brown, Jack Williams, Kerry Milburn, Kirill Simdyashkin, Stephanie Burton, Galina Bardarska, Michael van den Berg, James Findlay, Carlo D’Emidio and Peter Briggs.

Urban&Civic’s staff conference was held in Rugby this year. As well as an opportunity to update on the year’s progress, we used the conference to bring together our teams to collaborate on topics ranging from our USPs to internal communications. We are taking forward many of their suggestions into our business practices. We also organised a site tour for all employees, providing a fantastic opportunity for everyone, and particularly those from our central offices, to see how Rugby has moved on since last year. After the main conference and the site tour, we headed over to Birmingham for a team bonding meal to finish off the day’s activities

As in previous years, we continue to invest in training. The Board reviews Group policies and procedures as required, and we regularly update policies as a result. The Company Secretary ensures that updated policies are circulated to all staff and regularly refreshes the staff handbook to ensure it reflects best practice and the latest regulations. All permanent employees are eligible to join the Group’s benefits schemes, including life assurance, permanent health insurance, medical insurance and the Group pension scheme.

We have a very open and inclusive working environment, which promotes personal development at all levels, and our staff are encouraged to attend seminars and training courses relevant to their role throughout the year. We hold a staff seminar twice a year, providing employees with an operational update and an overview of half and full year results, which keeps them engaged and included in how the Company is run.


Team visit to RadioStation Rugby


Robin Butler, David Ainsworth and Barry Crabb presenting at the staff conference

Human rights

Urban&Civic plc has a zero tolerance approach to slavery and is committed to ensuring there are no acts of slavery within any part of its business or its supply chains. We expect high standards of our employees and the staff handbook includes information on health and safety, diversity, bullying and harassment, anti-bribery and whistleblowing policies. Employees are expected to report any concerns related to Group activities and/or supply chains of the business. We have also adopted an Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Code of Conduct which sets out the conduct expected of everyone in the Group and the steps to be taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place within the business or its supply chains. The Code of Conduct has been approved by the Board and will be reviewed annually.

As required under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Urban&Civic prepared a formal policy dealing with slavery and human trafficking, which was published on the Company’s website in 2017. 


Board visit to RadioStation Rugby

Modern Slavery Statement



Through its diversity policy, the Board and senior management undertake to encourage the recruitment, development and retention of a diverse workforce and to eliminate discrimination.

We have adopted a diversity policy that is reviewed annually and it can be found on our website. Appointments are made on merit, skills and experience but with due regard to the benefits of diversity. You can read more about our approach to diversity in the report of the Nomination Committee in the Annual Report and Accounts.


Breakout session at the staff conference