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We want to create vibrant communities that bring everyone together, and we do this by forging strong relationships with residents, providing the services and activities they want and need, and nurturing a culture of community citizenship.”

Our approach

We believe communities at home or at work are the building blocks of a lively, interconnected network of services and relationships that enable places to thrive. From the beginning, we take the approach that “no one knows their area better than the people already living there”. We develop community hubs and schools early whilst also supporting events and organisations in response to specific local needs. Our people, our customers and our contractors are encouraged to get involved with community projects, become advisers or trustees, and donate their time and enthusiasm to charities beyond our developments. Nurturing a culture of community citizenship is an indicator of success as important as reducing our environmental footprint.

To support our approach within this capital and ensure we create long-term social value across our developments, we focus on the following objectives:

Placemaking is our reason for being. Sustainable development creates value by providing high-quality places and spaces where communities can flourish. One principle of our approach is to foster a sense of place and belonging by providing sufficient green and blue (water-adjacent) spaces where people can meet, socialise and exercise. We have introduced a target for 2025 to ensure that all our residents are within a five-minute walk of a large green or blue space.

We aim that all residents shall live within five minutes’ walk of a green or blue space of greater than two hectares.

We sit on a number of advisory groups, school boards and trusts. We are particularly proud of the support we provide to the schools, ensuring that we are stewards and champions of the wider communities around them. This enables us to play an active role in supporting our schools’ performance and ensure that, as well as being high-quality buildings, they become high-performing schools.

Creating communities is ultimately about bringing people together and inspiring positive behaviours. To facilitate this, we hold regular local community events to encourage the residents to come together, meet their neighbours and make new friends.

When it comes to supporting our communities, we believe in working closely with our design and operations contractors to listen to the existing community throughout the planning process. We have set a target for 100 per cent of our contractors to be members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), and to achieve a minimum CCS score of 40/50 by 2025. The scheme scores contractors on a set of standards on their site presentation, management and, above all, neighbourliness.

We are targeting all of our contractors to not only be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, but also to have achieved a minimum score of 40, representing “excellent”.

We continue to invest significantly in community initiatives in the places where we work, supporting local projects and initiatives. We encourage our people, our housebuilder customers and our contractors to get involved with community projects that support our sites and now have several roles which are dedicated to supporting and developing site communities.

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