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We build in harmony with nature to protect the existing value and make a positive contribution to the environment.”

Our approach

As a Master Developer, the environmental impact of our operations is a key consideration in everything we do and operating at scale is both a challenge and an opportunity in this regard. We reuse materials on site wherever possible and recycle materials we cannot reuse. We work to minimise our carbon footprint, and we work to preserve and promote biodiversity by ensuring that our developments provide a net biodiversity gain, green infrastructure and access to green spaces. 

To support our approach within this capital, we consider the following objectives describe what we do and ensure we enhance natural value across our developments:

Our research into the benefits of green and blue infrastructure investigates how well-planned spaces can provide benefits to both physical and mental health. We use on-site information boards and events as well as school projects to then provide information on the flora and fauna all around them.

We have developed our “Healthy Infrastructure Toolkit” using the Warwickshire County Council calculations to assess the biodiversity gains we can achieve on our developments. In simple terms, this means that we create more nature through our landscaping and green infrastructure than there was to begin with. We are also currently looking at ways to better understand the other benefits that our green infrastructure assets are providing and record, measure and communicate those benefits to investors, stakeholders and residents.

We provide a set of minimum standards within our design guides to our housebuilder partners that include a range of features in the homes to enable residents to live comfortable lifestyles with minimal impact on the environment. All homes are designed to minimise water usage and all of our commercial properties this year have achieved an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of an A or B.

We reuse materials on site where possible and recycle materials we cannot reuse. Across our projects we crush and recycle old concrete taxiways for pipe bedding and drainage, and ameliorate topsoil for reuse within our green infrastructure works. Any waste produced from our direct contactors is reused or recycled where possible with 89% of their waste diverted from landfill. Climate change is a core risk to the business and we are committed to driving down our carbon consumption and alleviating our impact on the warming climate.

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