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It is by focusing on people that we are able to deliver, build and grow. Placing an absolute focus on safety for all, we seek to improve the quality of life for the people in our communities and for our employees we invest in training and promote personal development to ensure they feel empowered and proud to be working with us.”

Our approach

It is essential that we look after the people who work for us as well as those building, working and living on our sites. Health and safety is a top priority and we review our policy and procedures annually, engaging with contractors, housebuilders and other stakeholders to ensure our approach is effective and up to date. We want our people to feel safe, confident and able to grow and therefore encourage and invest in staff at all levels to attend seminars and training courses relevant to their role, and we are also committed to regularly engaging with employees and involving them in how the Company is run.

To support our approach within this capital, we consider the following objectives describe what we do and ensure we nurture human value across our developments:

It is our responsibility to ensure that the places we design and build improve the quality of life for the people within our communities. We ensure that mental and physical wellbeing is considered at every step of our planning and development process and we take a number of actions to aid this.

We believe in fostering a culture of safety and in taking action to address key issues through behavioural change campaigns. Our health and safety policy is independently audited and reissued to all staff every two years to incorporate recent guidance and legislative updates. To ensure we influence positive behaviours, we hold regular health and safety consortia meetings for contractors and housebuilders at all our strategic land sites (see case study below).

It is essential for the growth of our business to invest in the skills of all our employees; we hold regular in-house training sessions and we use an online platform for health, safety and human resource compliance training. In addition, we recognise the importance of improving mental health awareness and providing our staff with the tools to support each other. Some of our employees have been trained as Mental Health First Aiders in partnership with Mates in Mind, a charity focused on improving mental health in the construction industry. At a Group level, we continue to take action to ensure that our business and supply chain are free of modern slavery in accordance with our Modern Slavery Statement.

Within any business but especially a growing business, it is important to give your employees a voice. We have an Employee Advisory Group through which all employees across all levels of the Company can express their thoughts and ideas. We also regularly survey employees to understand some of the issues the business is facing and hear new ideas for improvements that could be made. This applies equally to the emerging communities and we now have a range of resident forums and associations that we support and engage with regularly.

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