The journey continues

We have recently completed a sustainability review and in 2020 we will be adopting our new Sustainability Framework, which is reflective of the activities and scale of the Master Developer model.  The diagram illustrates our journey so far and the stages to come.

Having always strived to do things right, our staged process to the creation of a framework has allowed us to review our activities to date, establish relevant capitals, identify useful metrics and move on to set targets which will ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

The creation of a framework reflects the continuation of a journey which, for us, started with the formation of Urban&Civic 10 years ago. We believe that operating at scale, whilst bringing significant challenges which we have evolved to address, also creates material opportunities to make a strongly positive difference. The 136,000 new trees, 28km of new cycleways and 154 ha of remediated land delivered to date are still a small proportion of the totals to come from our strategic sites and are as important as the homes delivered.

Our role as Master Developer means we can address local, national and global environmental challenges through our values of quality, integrity, passion, partnership and innovation. We also welcome the growing focus and structure which international targets, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), bring and will be undertaking a review to understand the goals which align with our framework and where we can provide the biggest impact.

As the leading Master Developer, we are determined to be open with our stakeholders on how we are establishing our Sustainability Framework and then how we are performing against it moving forwards.