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By building lasting partnerships and leveraging our investments, we aim to create a positive economic impact for our local communities, both during development and in use.”

Our approach

We promote innovation and entrepreneurship, investing in the areas where we work. We are continuously seeking opportunities to help local people into construction and upskill the existing workforce, and we run work experience schemes with local schools and recruit apprentices and trainees from within our communities. We also consider the longer-term economic impacts of our developments and advocate that all procurement decisions prioritise local businesses. Supporting local business puts money back into the local economy, driving prosperity for local people.

To support our approach within this capital, we consider the following objectives describe what we do and ensure we create lasting partnerships and increase economic value across our developments:

The Master Developer role enables us to work with partners to shape the vision for a new community right at the start of the planning process. At Alconbury Weald, for example, we built an award-winning incubator before anything else, and it is now home to eight companies with 220 employees. In 2019, we opened a second incubator, with both buildings providing flexible and inspiring space to help grow local companies. 

Our developments actively seek to leverage our investment to create a positive economic impact, both during development and once in use. We have a dedicated full-time in-house lead who supports skills development across our sites and is actively engaged with a range of organisations such as EDGE, the local jobs and skills partnership, and iMET, the on-site advanced training centre. 

The diverse range of housing, in terms of size, type and tenure across our sites, generates a range of opportunities for people getting on the housing ladder, moving up it or downsizing. We work with our housebuilders and affordable housing providers to ensure that the opportunities for government support, such as Help to Buy, are properly harnessed.

All of the contracts under our control have been located within a 25-mile radius of each site. This is monitored by our procurement team and it is part of our ethos to put money back into the local economy to help it thrive.

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